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Gurpreet, Sanju elected AIFF’s best player of the year


Gurpreet Singh Sandhu and Sanju have been declared the best players of the year in the men and women category by the All India Football Federation (AIFF) on Friday. Gurpreet is receiving this award for the first time and with this he has become the second goalkeeper to win this award. Prior to this, Subrata Paul received this award in 2009. Gurpreet, who won the Arjuna Award last year, said, “There was a desire to reach this point and this is the award I wanted to get.” Chhetri (Sunil Chhetri) brother has won this award many times and I always wondered when I would deserve this award.

Swati became a weightlifter to honor family, inspired by father’s struggle, step into the world of sports


International weightlifter Swati Singh is no stranger to any introduction today. However, very few people will know that she became a weightlifter to honor her family. Swati, a 33-year-old athlete who considers her father to be her role model, has the inability to win an Olympic medal. However, he is satisfied with his performance at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. At the moment, she is currently working in the Aishbagh Railway Stadium to carve out talent. Swati is working as Head TT Exam Controller here.

In a special conversation with Dainik Jagran, Swati says, her family may be the most ideal for a player. I got inspired from my parents to become a player. If I have been able to do anything in weightlifting so far, I would like to give credit to the family.

The weightlifter told that it was the year of 2004. Father took me to get admission in Kashi Vyamsala. There the number of girls was much less than boys. Seeing this, I was troubled for a while but then thought that weightlifting is a powerful game. Now I have to make a career in this sport and win a medal for the country. However, there was a lot of difficulty in the early stages. In the year 2005, I got admission in Lucknow Sports Hostel. This was the turning point of his career. However, before coming to Lucknow, I had made a mark by winning a silver medal in the Sub-Junior World Championship. Swati says that the parents were very happy after getting admission in Sports Hostel. Because there was a good diet with professional training. I stayed in Lucknow Sports Hostel for about seven years. It was from here that he won medals for the state in several national championships.

According to Swati, I also took part in the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games while living in Lucknow. But, unfortunately, nothing could do anything due to injury. Originally hailing from Varanasi, Swati has been one of the most trusted lifters in Uttar Pradesh for the past decade. In her decade career, Swati Singh has been elected the best player of the state many times. He has also been awarded the Rani Laxmibai Award, the highest sports honor of the state in the year 2018-

Did the year 2014: Swati Singh has been training weightlifting trainees at the Aishbagh Railway Stadium for almost six years. He said that in five years about eight players have flashed at the national level. My aim is that more players than NER win medals for the country. For this, I am working hard and trying to give high level training to the players. Swati Singh made a lot of headlines at the 2014 Commonwealth Games by winning a bronze medal with a third place weightlifting in the 53 kg weightlifting category. It was the biggest day of an athlete’s career. However, due to a back injury, Swati has decided not to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. But by the year 2022, she wants to return once again. For this, training has also been started.

RCB vs MI IPL 2020: Bangalore win in Super Over, Virat Kohli hit the winning shot


The 10th match of the 13th season of the Indian Premier League was played between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. The scores of both teams were equal in this match. In such a situation, the match was tied and the result of the match was extracted through super over. RCB went on to win the Super Over. For RCB, captain Virat Kohli hit the winning shot when the team had to score one run off the last ball.

The former chief selector said Rishabh Pant will definitely play at least 100 Tests.


New Delhi Rishabh Pant, the wicket-keeper of the Indian team, achieved a great form from the tour of Australia, he also continued against England. Along with batting, Pant also performed brilliantly behind the wicket. Former Indian selector Kiran More told how Pant had noted his name on his mobile at just 17 years of age.

The former selector said that in 2014 Pant had scored 186 runs in 133 balls in an under-19 match and then his name was noted on his mobile. He said, “Whenever I see a talented player, my habit is to note his name on my mobile. I then told myself this is a long race horse. Now I would say that it is 100 Test player and I am not speaking on the basis of the superb wicketkeeping performance of the second Test match played against England. “

Riya’s bail and Kangana-BMC case could not be heard due to heavy rains in Mumbai


Simultaneously, the bail application of Riya Chakraborty and her brother Shouvik, accused in the Bollywood drugs case, could not be heard. The hearing was scheduled to be held in front of Justice SV Kotwal. Apart from this, the hearing on the petition filed by the film actress Kangana Ranaut against the action of Manpa has also been postponed. The hearing was scheduled to be held before Justice SJ Kathawala.
According to the information issued by the registrar of the High Court in this regard, the petitions which were to be heard on Wednesday, will now be heard on Thursday. Significantly, due to the heavy rains on Wednesday, water logging situation has arisen in many places in the metropolis. This also affected the local train service and adversely affected the road traffic.

‘Pawri’ video of Pakistani girl went viral in India, Smriti Irani said – ‘This is better then Shahnaz’s Desi Tommy


In India, a video of a Pakistan girl named Dananeer Mobeen is going viral on social media. In this video it is seen that the girl first points towards her car and tells that it is our car, then shows it to her friends and says that it is us and this is our party. This video has rocked the social media. In particular, the way Dananeer has used the word ‘party’ has come under considerable discussion as ‘Pawri’.

A lot of mimes and jokes are being shared on this video. This video is being edited and posted on all the pages of Instagram. Now Kendri Matri Smriti Irani has commented on this video. But the Union Minister has not praised the video, but rather sarcastically, and better than that, Shahnaz Kaur Gill’s ‘Tawda dog Tommy’ video. Smriti reposted and praised Shahnaz Gill’s video on her Instagram.

While sharing the video, the Union Minister wrote, ‘When you like more Desi Tommy than #Pawri’. I know I’m late for #Pawri but better late than never. #Pawri Quit Shehnaaz’s Feelin ‘. Smriti Irani shared this video while reposting the post of Yash Raj Muhte.
Let me tell you that Shahnaz’s ‘Tommy’ video is also very viral on social media. This video is from the time when Shahnaz was part of the TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss 13’. In this video, Shahnaz says, “What should I do to die … I have no feelings?” Tawda dog Tommy, Sada dog dog ‘. Yash Raj edited this video and added a fun music to it, after which many celebs also made videos on this video.

Mirzapur 2 Review: Female characters get beaten up by Kaal Bhaiya and Guddu Pandit, read full review


After almost two years of waiting, the second season of Mirzapur was released on Amazon Prime Video on Thursday night, about 3 hours before schedule. The revenge of Guddu Pandit, Munna Tripathi’s looking for the throne of Mirzapur and therefore the political ambition of Bhaiya Bhaiyya … but the story of this season was fabricated. However, Dhar with the primary season looked blunt within the second season. The journey of the second season swinging between the old and therefore the new characters proved to be laggards in terms of thrill. Mirzapur 2 Review

If someone had a decent season for the second season, it had been the feminine characters who gave some shocking twists and turns this season. While Mirzapur 2 advances the self-esteem and criminal legacy of male characters to be superior and superior, it underlines the courage and intrigues of female characters to challenge this exploitative system.

Whether it’s Guddu’s revenge or Munna Tripathi’s desire to become the king of Mirzapur or the political brother of Kalin

Suhana Khan latest viral photos: Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan’s latest photo went viral, see photos


Suhana Khan is in Dubai with her family. Shah Rukh Khan has been recently seen sitting in the stadium and enjoying an IPL match. Aryan Khan and Suhana have also been seen on this occasion. Suhana was in a lot of discussion recently, when She posted on social media about her complexion. She wrote, ‘I apologize if social media, Indian matchmaking site or your family members have told you that you are not beautiful because your height is not 5.7 inches and you If you are not fair, you are not beautiful. I want to tell you that I am 5.3 inches and brown and I am very happy about it and you too.

PM Modi Speech: Until the vaccine comes, the war with Corona will continue: PM Modi


Despite the fear of Corona infection due to festive weather and increasing pollution with cold, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has alerted the people who are fearless and inattentive. In his address to the country on Tuesday, he warned the US, Brazil and European countries, citing that it is not to be relaxed until the corona vaccine or medicine arrives. He said- ‘There is no laxity unless there is medicine.’

Aware of Corona

The nation’s eyes had been on the morning of the Prime Minister’s address. The market of various speculations was also hot. But the Prime Minister confined himself to awareness of Corona. It should be noted that a few days ago, awareness campaign has been started at the government level, under which there are plans to reach 95 crore people.

Lack of vigilance threat to family

Perhaps in this sequence, the Prime Minister while giving a small but important message said – we should not forget that even though the lockdown has gone, the virus has not gone. In many videos it appears that people have reduced vigilance which is a threat to the family. Indirectly responding to the allegations made by the Congress leaders, the Prime Minister said with the help of statistics that in India, five thousand people have corona per 10 lakh people, whereas in countries like America and Brazil there are 25 thousand. There are 83 deaths per 10 lakh people in India. Whereas in countries like America Brazil Britain it is near 600.

Vaccine will reach every Indian

India has been able to save more and more people as compared to many rich countries. Still more than 90 lakh beds are available in the country. A lot of work is being done on the vaccine in the country and abroad. He assured that every Indian will reach the vaccine whenever it comes. Preparations are underway. But caution is necessary before that.

PM Narendra Modi said that a little carelessness can stop our pace, tarnish our happiness. Carrying the responsibilities of life and vigilance will go hand in hand, only then will there be happiness in life. Two yards away, wash hands with soap periodically and take care of the mask.

Congress leaders reply in their address

Indeed, the former Congress president often figures in his tweets. The Prime Minister also gave the figure. At the same time, two days ago, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor told Pakistan that there is better corona management in Pakistan than in India.

PM Modi mentioned a line of Ramcharit Manas while explaining the coronary crisis to the negligent ones. He said, “Ripu ruj pavak sin, Prabhu ahi ganiya na chhoti karo.” This line is of the Aranyakand. It states that the enemy, disease, fire and sin should never be underestimated. There should not be laxity unless there is medicine.

Conscious of negligence towards Corona

Keep in mind that very soon the Prime Minister is going to contest the Bihar Assembly elections. Such videos are coming out especially from Bihar, where in the electoral fervor people are eyeing the methods of protection from Corona. Scientists have also been warned about negligence. However, it is encouraging that for the first time in the last three months on Tuesday, the daily corona figure of the country has come down to 50 thousand. But the negligence caused by this can be very heavy.

PM Modi Speech: know the meaning of those couplets which PM has mentioned, what he gives at the time of Corona

No time to be careless

PM Narendra Modi said that following the mantra of Seva Parmo Dharma: Our doctors, nurses, health workers are selflessly serving such a large population. Amidst all these efforts, this is not the time to be careless. This is not the time to assume that the corona is gone, or that there is no danger from the corona now. In recent times, we have all seen many pictures, videos in which it is clear that many people have stopped taking precautions now. This is not right.

A day before Rahul’s visit, four Congress MLAs have resigned in Puducherry, the government in crisis


Four Congress MLAs have resigned since January

Earlier, Congress MLA Malladi Krishna Rao on 15 February and former PWD Minister A.K. Namasivamayee and E. Theppanjan resigned on 25 January. Whereas in July last year, another member of Congress has been disqualified for anti-party activities.

The number of pro-Congress DMK government members in Puducherry Assembly has reduced by half

Due to all these developments, the number of members supporting the Congress-DMK government in the 30-member Puducherry Assembly has reduced by half. The resignations have brought the number of Congress MLAs to 10, while the opposition has 14 MLAs.

Social Welfare Minister accuses Modi and Kiran Bedi of obstructing

On the other hand, Social Welfare Minister Kandhasamy released a video accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi of disrupting the functioning of the Congress-DMK government in the last five years. He said that the election schedule is likely to be announced in two weeks. In such a situation, Chief Minister Narayanasamy has called a cabinet meeting to decide the dissolution of the assembly. It is known that the Congress got 15 seats in the 2016 assembly elections.

Kiran Bedi removed as Lt. Governor

Kiran Bedi has been removed from the post of Lt. Governor of Puducherry. This information has been given in a statement released from Rashtrapati Bhavan on Tuesday. Dr. T. Soundararajan, Governor of Telangana, has been given the additional charge of Lt. Governor of Puducherry. She will also hold the post till the new appointment. The President’s order in this regard will be in force from the time he takes over.