Actor Rajinikanth, who returned to the hospital for the last few days, has announced to quit politics today. He took this decision citing his health reasons. He also said that without politics, he will continue to work for the people of Tamil Nadu as before. In this regard, he gave information on his Twitter account.

Actor Rajinikanth, who spoke about launching the party in 2021, refused entry into the field of politics on Tuesday. He apologized to the people for breaking his old promise to enter politics and said, ‘My current health is a warning from God.’ He apologized to his fans and said that he is now withdrawing the decision to launch his party.

He has tweeted a three-page letter. It reads, ‘I consider it a warning from God. I cannot win elections only through social media and cannot give people government as per their requirement. Politics veteran will agree with me. I will be expected to meet millions of people and organize meetings.


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