Despite the fear of Corona infection due to festive weather and increasing pollution with cold, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has alerted the people who are fearless and inattentive. In his address to the country on Tuesday, he warned the US, Brazil and European countries, citing that it is not to be relaxed until the corona vaccine or medicine arrives. He said- ‘There is no laxity unless there is medicine.’

Aware of Corona

The nation’s eyes had been on the morning of the Prime Minister’s address. The market of various speculations was also hot. But the Prime Minister confined himself to awareness of Corona. It should be noted that a few days ago, awareness campaign has been started at the government level, under which there are plans to reach 95 crore people.

Lack of vigilance threat to family

Perhaps in this sequence, the Prime Minister while giving a small but important message said – we should not forget that even though the lockdown has gone, the virus has not gone. In many videos it appears that people have reduced vigilance which is a threat to the family. Indirectly responding to the allegations made by the Congress leaders, the Prime Minister said with the help of statistics that in India, five thousand people have corona per 10 lakh people, whereas in countries like America and Brazil there are 25 thousand. There are 83 deaths per 10 lakh people in India. Whereas in countries like America Brazil Britain it is near 600.

Vaccine will reach every Indian

India has been able to save more and more people as compared to many rich countries. Still more than 90 lakh beds are available in the country. A lot of work is being done on the vaccine in the country and abroad. He assured that every Indian will reach the vaccine whenever it comes. Preparations are underway. But caution is necessary before that.

PM Narendra Modi said that a little carelessness can stop our pace, tarnish our happiness. Carrying the responsibilities of life and vigilance will go hand in hand, only then will there be happiness in life. Two yards away, wash hands with soap periodically and take care of the mask.

Congress leaders reply in their address

Indeed, the former Congress president often figures in his tweets. The Prime Minister also gave the figure. At the same time, two days ago, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor told Pakistan that there is better corona management in Pakistan than in India.

PM Modi mentioned a line of Ramcharit Manas while explaining the coronary crisis to the negligent ones. He said, “Ripu ruj pavak sin, Prabhu ahi ganiya na chhoti karo.” This line is of the Aranyakand. It states that the enemy, disease, fire and sin should never be underestimated. There should not be laxity unless there is medicine.

Conscious of negligence towards Corona

Keep in mind that very soon the Prime Minister is going to contest the Bihar Assembly elections. Such videos are coming out especially from Bihar, where in the electoral fervor people are eyeing the methods of protection from Corona. Scientists have also been warned about negligence. However, it is encouraging that for the first time in the last three months on Tuesday, the daily corona figure of the country has come down to 50 thousand. But the negligence caused by this can be very heavy.

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No time to be careless

PM Narendra Modi said that following the mantra of Seva Parmo Dharma: Our doctors, nurses, health workers are selflessly serving such a large population. Amidst all these efforts, this is not the time to be careless. This is not the time to assume that the corona is gone, or that there is no danger from the corona now. In recent times, we have all seen many pictures, videos in which it is clear that many people have stopped taking precautions now. This is not right.


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