Silence Of TN, AP Farmers Against Demand Of Punjab Farmers- Analysis

A silent but huge majority of farmers across India is watching the bullying tactics adopted by farmers from Punjab in and around Delhi. The protest is nothing more than a rainbow collection of Commission agent, Modi political adversary, Communist Comrade, Suspicious and anti-national individuals, overseas brotherhood and religious overtone.  Poor farmers have been placed only as poster boys for mere name sake.

The Government has been very patient and so has been the citizens of Delhi and Haryana who have allowed this anarchist crowd to gather and blackmail the government at their cost of disciplined civil life.

Government on its part has made it eminently clear about its intent and content about Agricultural reform and its commitment. And why should it not be?

The bitter part of the story is why the concern in the mind of farmers from Punjab is not discussed? Fact is, the reason is not traced rather it is omitted. As it is not politically correct to take a cartel having vested interest head on.

Punjab has not invested in modernizing its farm. It has failed to address the core issue of rotating crops. It has had average productivity and efficiency when it comes to per hectare production in comparison to many other states in India. And it has not considered the water as a resource to be preserved alongside farming. To be fair, it has refused to change and adopt the scientific changes happening in farming in the nation. How has this happened?

Years of neglect by Governing bodies in Punjab and cartel who have exploited the farmer all along is the true hidden story.


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