Covid-19 vaccine ‘scams’ brew at three state-run hospitals in the city of Lahore as they allegedly ‘administered vaccine to unauthorized persons or wasted many vials’, causing embarrassment for the government.

According to the initial information so far, nearly 1,400 doses of the vaccine donated by China have either been administered to the ‘unauthorized persons’ or gone ‘missing’. These vaccines were provided to the hospitals by the federal government for the health professionals only.

Under the laid down policy, the vaccines were to be given to the registered health professionals only. The Pakistan’s National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) is supposed to issue list of health professionals with their respective codes and the hospitals are to vaccinate them in accordance with the data.

Following the complaints, the Punjab government launched an investigation to dig out facts.

Pakistan is already facing a vaccine shortage as its not buying any jab from any country but waiting for some FREE donations to be made as usual. It is also one of the very few countries which aims to tackle the COVID-19 challenge through herd immunity. Herd immunity occurs when a large number of people, usually 70 to 90 per cent, become immune to a contagious disease after being infected to it.

This simply means that the Pak Government has already accepted that a very high number of its population will be infected by Covid, as the Government is unable to procure vaccines.

So, Pakistan has become a classic example for developing countries of how not deal a pandemic.


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