Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday sent a message of condolences to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the coronavirus pandemic in India and offered to provide support and help to deal with the current surge of COVID-19 cases in the country. President Xi sent a message of condolences to Prime Minister Modi over the COVID-19 pandemic in India, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

In his message, Xi said China is willing to strengthen anti-pandemic cooperation with India, and provide support and help to the country, the report said. Before that, on Thursday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi promised to do the utmost in supporting India’s fight against the COVID-19 surge and said that anti-pandemic materials produced in China were entering India at a faster pace.

Observing the recent developments, one can easily say that China is eager to help India amid crisis. But what’s the reason behind all this?

Analysts say there are multiple reasons and interests behind these assistance offers, we can sum up these reasons into three.

Decreasing the hatred against China and Chinese citizens in India.

China wants to ensure that there is no hatred among the Indian citizens against the Chinese people as earlier experienced in the USA. In US the Chinese-American citizens are now often attacked and yelled at. Many of them even fear for their safety as local people blame them for the Corona Virus.

China has major investment plans for India

Any country which is willing to invest its excess money into another country will chose India for sure! as in the next 10-15 years India will be the third biggest Economy in the world and in the current context India is one the most rapidly developing nations. So, China being an investor wants to stop Anti-China sentiment to grow in India. After the last year’s deadly Galwan clash, Indian startups are avoiding Chinese investments as they fear government’s action. Many Indian companies have shut their doors for the Chinese stakeholders. So, to correct it’s image and to protect the interests of its investors, China wants to be a sympathizer of Indian Government.

China wants to increase its soft power in South Asia

Another and one of the most important aspect is China’s wish to increase its influence in the South Asian Nations. China has brought to action a new plan to increase its soft power in South Asia perfectly using Corona Virus.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on April 27, “China and South Asia will set up an emergency material reserve”. China also pledged to extend support to five South Asian neighbors — Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka and discussed ways to “strengthen consensus on solidarity against Covid-19”. Briefly we can say, in this meeting Chinese FM Wang Yi behaved like a salesman for Chinese vaccines and indirectly he pressurized these nations to purchase Chinese vaccines.

Interestingly, China also invited India to join this Anti-Covid Initiative but the offer was declined soon as India wants to promote its own vaccines in the South Asia Region through its SAARC initiative made earlier when the pandemic was just started.

China wants India to be a part of its Anti-Covid initiative as if India joins it then their will be no contender left to compete China and it can easily export its vaccines and increase its influence as well as its soft power in the region.

In the end, we should accept that to increase Indian influence in South Asia and to maintain the soft power we should export more and more vaccines to our neighborhood, with or without Pakistan. Otherwise these nations will be left with no other choice than purchasing Chinese vaccines.


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